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RV Lot Insurance

Western Property and Casualty Insurance Services has a policy that can provide up to $1,000,000.00 in liability insurance coverage for your owned RV Lot at a nominal cost! This policy also includes coverage when the owned RV Lot is part of the Luxury Motorcoach Resort rental pool.

Now that you know insurance is available on these Owned RV Lots, you need to determine if you should have this insurance. Obviously, your RV Lot is the center of your settings. Many RV Lots have extensive outdoor barbecues and living areas, but your RV Insurance does not cover the owned lots’ outdoor living area. You might be wondering, “What about my homeowners insurance policy? That extends to the lot, right?” Not so fast.

Yes, your Comprehensive Personal Liability coverage on your homeowners Insurance policy will extend to the vacant land you own. The Luxury Motorcoach Resorts RV Lots, however, are not vacant land. You’ve invested a lot in your Luxury Motorcoach and your owned RV Lot and it deserves to be protected! Make sure you are properly covered by calling Western Property and Casualty Insurance Services to get insured for your owned RV Lot.

It’s extremely easy to obtain this insurance. You just need to call the experts at Western Property and Casualty Insurance Services. We have a simple one-page application and pricing is pre-set for approved Luxury Motorcoach Resorts that have owned RV Lots.

Western Property and Casualty Insurance is currently covering Luxury Motorcoach Resorts with owned RV Lots in California, but will be expanding into Nevada, Oregon and Texas soon.

Luxury Motorcoach Resort Lot Owners can rest easy and enjoy their active lifestyle – playing pickleball, tennis, golf, or taking that Zumba class – knowing the experts at Western Property and Casualty Insurance Services have got them covered!

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